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"I’m an automotive technician and would love to wear these pretty boots. I get dirty and messy a lot but working on vehicles is awesomely fun. I want safety for sure but if safety and pretty can go hand in hand then I’m in. Thank you for creating such pretty & durable boots."
~ Julia Torres, Automotive Technician

"Temple University Doctors Tracey Vlahovic and Kendrick Whitney worked with Juno Jones to create these stylish and functional safety shoes." 
~ Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine

"I've been waiting for these Juno Jones boots for a year! It was worth it! Check out this fantastic woman-owned business."

"New boots just arrived! And I'm so thriled with how they look and feel. FINALLY a woman's work boot that works! Love this company and everything they stand for." 
~ Juliet K.
"My gorgeous new safety boots from Juno Jones arrived today and I love them! Thank you so much, Emily & team! Your idea to create stylish steel toed boots for women got my attention on the Kickstarter last year, and I'm so happy to be an early supporter." 
~ Design Synergies Architecture
"Congratulations to Emily Soloby! The Juno Jones boots came today and they're awesome." 
~ Nelia B.

"Mine arrived today, whaaaaat?! That was fast! They're gorgeous." 
~ Susan W.

"Congratulations!!! Your boots came today and you should be bursting with pride!! The quality and care invested in them is evident from the moment you open the package. They even smell and feel how I remember good quality leather shoes smelling when I was a kid." 
~ Dr. Rebecca M.

"Look what came in over the weekend! Congratulations Emily Soloby and Juno Jones. I know this has ben a long time coming and you survived the COVID shutdowns! I may not get on the jobsites as much as I want to, but you can be sure I'll be wearing these!" 
~ Juliane M.

"My Juno Jones Shoes have been delivered. Be still my alternative heart, a pair of women's steel toe boots in black, I'm so happy." 
~ Jude N.

"Loving my badass steel toe boots from Emily Soloby at Juno Jones!!!! The leather smells fantastic, they fit great, are super comfy and look GOOD! My 3 year old said, "Oh my gosh! You cute, Mommie!" Thank you for making functional shoes for females. Emily, you are a rock star!" 
~ Gina S., CPC, ELI-MP

"I got my new steel toe boots from Juno Jones shoes and I'm in LOVE! 😍 They fit like a glove and smell soooo good!" 
~ Cieana D.

"Holy smokes... these are even more beautiful than I thought they would be. When I started my career in environmental remediation, I was forced to use men's size small PPE because there weren't enough women in the industry that could support a market for female owned startup that is creating steel toe boots designed by women for women! AS an early supporter, I got my boots in the mail yesterday. They are gorgeous, but they were the wrong size so they are shipping me a new pair. Brava to Emily Soloby for creating a beautifully designed and manufactured shoe or women like me!!" 
~ Cathie C-M.