A partnership between Juno Jones and Jacket Media Co., the Hazard Girls (Women in Nontraditional Industries) Podcast explores a different field each week through candid interviews with women leaders about their professional journeys. Juno Jones founder Emily Soloby is the host. Find it on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Megaphone, or click the button below.


Hazard Girls is a free Facebook community powered by Juno Jones! Our members include women at every stage of their careers from CEOs to students. We have online discussions about issues that come up in the workplace, society at large, and with our families. When we aren’t hanging out online, we are meeting up in person thorough educational events and outreach.

  • Positive and inclusive group of women. 
  • In any nontraditional or hazardous industries, or just love Juno Jones! 
  • Members range from CEOs to students.
  • Thriving mentorship program.
  • Lively discussions and collaborations. 
  • In-person events.