Our Mission

Our mission is to create safe, beautiful footwear options for women by women, and in doing so to help normalize the idea of women in nontraditional fields. Studies have shown that women and girls often drop out of STEM education and jobs. Part of the reason for this is the feeling of not being seen, or of not fitting in. We believe that beauty and strength can go hand in hand, and by creating women’s work boots that fit well and look amazing, we hope women will feel seen, know they are the real deal, and understand that they belong and deserve the best.  Juno Jones works with women-owned businesses and services whenever possible, and we are partnering with nonprofit organizations to promote and empower women and girls in STEM and similar fields.

While fashion and function are our bread and butter, our supportive community is the cake and icing. We are committed to empowering girls and women in hazardous careers through our Juno Jones Instagram, and also through our Facebook group Hazard Girls (Women in Nontraditional Fields) Hazard Girls is an online place to hang out, make friends, ask for and give advice and support, share articles, get into deep discussions, laugh together, cry together, and celebrate together. We also meet in real life to hold panel discussions, do community outreach, educate and inspire!

Our Story
Juno Jones womens work boots with safety toe ASTM Certified
Brown leather women's ASTM Certified Safety Boots from Juno Jones

Introducing the Steel Toe Meti Boot

The Meti Boot is a water resistant jodhpur style ankle boot with tulip top-line, YKK vintage brass easy-on and off side zipper and vintage brass stud detail.  It is made with beautiful locally sourced environmentally certified leather that has been treated to be waterproof and chemical resistant.

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Juno Jones Black Steel Toe Women's workboots

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