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Juno Jones women's safety boot for women in science and technology

We love our dads, husbands, boyfriends and brothers, but that doesn't mean we want to wear their shoes!  

It all started during founder Emily Soloby’s ten years working as an executive in the transportation industry. She would dart from office to client meeting to job site and back, but could never quite find the right footwear.

With a background in women’s rights, law, and business, paired with a lifelong love of boots, Emily assembled a team and made it her mission to create Juno Jones. Together they would not only bring women options in beautiful, high performance work boots, but create community and help normalize the idea of women in nontraditional fields along the way.

Who is Juno Jones?

Real-life women in hazardous fields are everywhere. They are trailblazers in their work and in the way they unapologetically live their lives. In a way, Juno Jones is a real person—like the woman she represents, she works the job she wants to work, stands up for herself when she needs to, follows her passion, and lifts other women up along the way.  She represents empowerment, exploration, bravery, and determination. She is every single one of you.

Juno Jones boots are ASTM Certified for Impact Resistance, Compression Resistance, and Puncture Resistance. They are made of a beautiful locally sourced environmentally certified leather that has been treated to be waterproof and chemical resistant. The rubber outsole is slip and oil resistant, and features a sturdy lug tread for walking through gravel, mud, glass, and wet floors. The boots feature a removable, antibacterial memory foam comfort insole with arch support. 

By creating footwear especially for women in hazardous fields, it is the goal of Juno Jones to help normalize the idea of women in male-dominated spaces. And with our Hazard Girls community, we are creating a space for women to find each other and work on this together.

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