Where can Juno Jones boots be spotted in the wild?

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What people are saying

Julia Torres, Automotive Technician

"I'm an automotive technician... I get dirty and messy a lot but working on vehicles is awesomely fun. I want safety for sure but if safety and pretty can go hand in hand then I'm in. Thank you for creating such pretty and durable boots."

Benita Cooper, Architect

"They're comfortable, durable, and pair well with work and after-work clothes. My favorite feature is the buttery soft yet indestructible leather!"

Jessica Senker, Historical Preservationist

"I fell in love with the boots... I go through boots like crazy, and I hadn’t been able to find a pair of Chelsea boots that actually held up. So it’s so nice to know we can have boots that will look good, feel good and do what we need them to do.”