Juliane M.

"Look what came in over the weekend! Congratulations Emily Soloby and Juno Jones. I know this has ben a long time coming and you survived the COVID shutdowns! I may not get on the jobsites as much as I want to, but you can be sure I'll be wearing these!" 

Design Synergies Architecture

"My gorgeous new safety boots from Juno Jones arrived today and I love them! Thank you so much, Emily & team! Your idea to create stylish steel toed boots for women got my attention on the Kickstarter last year, and I'm so happy to be an early supporter." 

Gina S.

"Loving my badass steel toe boots from Emily Soloby at Juno Jones!!!! The leather smells fantastic, they fit great, are super comfy and look GOOD! My 3 year old said, "Oh my gosh! You cute, Mommie!" Thank you for making functional shoes for females. Emily, you are a rock star!" 

Dr. Rebecca M.

"Congratulations!!! Your boots came today and you should be bursting with pride!! The quality and care invested in them is evident from the moment you open the package. They even smell and feel how I remember good quality leather shoes smelling when I was a kid." 

Jude N.

"My Juno Jones Shoes have been delivered. Be still my alternative heart, a pair of women's steel toe boots in black, I'm so happy." 

Nella B.

"Congratulations to Emily Soloby! The Juno Jones boots came today and they're awesome." 

Stephanie F.

"I've been waiting for these Juno Jones boots for a year! It was worth it! Check out this fantastic woman-owned business."

Cieana D.

"I got my new steel toe boots from Juno Jones shoes and I'm in LOVE! 😍 They fit like a glove and smell soooo good!" 

Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine

"Temple University Doctors Tracey Vlahovic and Kendrick Whitney worked with Juno Jones to create these stylish and functional safety shoes." 

Haley F.


"These boots are beautifully made, fit well (and this 6'1" person appreciates the extended sizes), and they are STYLISH. I'm already planning my outfit tomorrow around them!"

Ashley A.

"Woman-owned small business, steel toe, made for women by women, cute, and feels like walking on clouds!"

Juliet K.

"New boots just arrived! And I'm so thriled with how they look and feel. FINALLY a woman's work boot that works! Love this company and everything they stand for." 

Melanie R.

"Beautiful leather, stylish work boot! Boots runs big - I wear a size 8.5 normally, and ended up in a 7. The boots are generously wide, which makes them comfortable with multiple socks in the winter. I'm a structural engineer and conduct facade inspections and site visits in these boots. I own both the black and brown pairs: the black pair looks sleek and polished, the brown pair looks rugged & worn within just 2 wears."

Jess S.

"I am loving my Meti boots! They are stylish enough to wear to the office, and tough enough to wear out in the field! They have amazing tread so I never slip, and are warm and waterproof for walking through snow and puddles. They are steel toe but they are also super light and easy to wear! Absolutely love them and have been wearing them everywhere!"

Jill S.

"Well made, but feel a half size too small, I typically wear 8.5, ordered true size and my toes are bumping against the edges of the boot. Otherwise, good looking and durable."

Julie D.

"I must have been really good this year! Santa came through, and they're gorgeous! And really comfy, too! Thanks to Emily Soloby and your partners in creating such a fabulous product! Can't wait to test them out on the job site this winter!"

Cathie C.

Automotive Technician

"Holy smokes... these are even more beautiful than I thought they would be. When I started my career in environmental remediation, I was forced to use men's size small PPE because there weren't enough women in the industry that could support a market for female owned startup that is creating steel toe boots designed by women for women! AS an early supporter, I got my boots in the mail yesterday. They are gorgeous, but they were the wrong size so they are shipping me a new pair. Brava to Emily Soloby for creating a beautifully designed and manufactured shoe or women like me!!" 

Heidy A.

"Got excited when I saw these steel toe boots on sale. Obviously in the field, grey ones aren't going to survive. So I asked the associate where the women's steel toe section was, "there isn't one, only for men" is the response I got. In all fairness, they helped me order a pair online that was still a good deal. Bring on the girl section for steel toe boots! Looking forward to getting my boots from Juno Jones. Finally a company dedicated to women in the field."

Laurenan C.

My Juno Jones boots arrived and they are gorgeous + comfortable. I have never owned a pair of stell toe work boots made with lasts for women's feet. Our feet are not the same as men's, so FINALLY these women are making them for us. Super rare for any work boot to feel good out of the box. I 1/2 sized up so I could fit thick socks, but I worked in them all day yesterday and no blisters. Also, I immediately (accidentally) dropped an extremely sharp knife tip down on them and yep, steel toes work."

Roxanne B.

"I love these boots! They're so beautiful that I don't want to mess them up on a site visit! They feel very comfortable for a day at the office and don't look or feel like the clunky, heavy workboots that I've been wearing for 20 years. But they are clearly well made and will be able to hold up under any conditions that I encounter in my daily work. Really love them."

Rebecca B.


"Sorry, no action shot, I was too excited about the arrival of these boots! They're so nice that my husband doesn't believe they're "work boots" and I'm not going to want to wear them into a storm water basin. Super comfortable, can't wait to get them to a project site." 



"Finally, finally, FINALLY!! I received my much awaited and anticipated Meti boots from Juno Jones. Worth the year+ wait. This boot has everything! Full grain, environmentally certified, waterproofed black leather with liquid and chemical resistance, ASTM-certified steel toe, puncture-proof midsole, and non-slip gas and oil-resistant outsole! Not to mention - they SO pretty! Any women in the industry... check these out ASAP."

Lucie S-C

"My Juno Jones Meti Boot arrived! I am SO thrilled - these are safety boots made for women, designed to go from job site to office and back. they're so comfortable, the leather is buttery smooth, and they give me ankle coverage without biting into my shins when I take a step. Great, glorious work, Juno Jones team! May these be the first of many!"


"I was so very excited to receive these in the mail! They are so beautiful in person with the soft leather and comfortable fit. I have a larger foot (size 11) and I was happy to find this larger size in a shoe that is comfortable and functional. All of the work the Juno Jones team have done to make these safe and stylish has paid off!"

Chloe G.


"Look what arrived today! Beautiful new leather stylish steel toe boots! Thank you Juno Jones Shoes! Put them through the ringer in the field today and they are thriving."

Ari Elle

"My Juno Jones boots arrived in the mail! Fashionable ASTM steel toe boots for women! ❤️"

Jenna C.

"ASTM certified, steel toe, puncture resistant midsole, anti-slip, sturdy lug tread, water resistant, cute as hell!"

Kathryn H.

"When guys don't understand that these boots were made for a jobsite... But also, they are easy to clean. Already 80% better, haha!"

Jennifer E.

"Finally arrived! Steel toe construction boots for women!"

Heidy A.

"Got my Juno Jones safety boots this week! Looking forward to wearing them out in the field! Love the look, thanks Juno Jones!"

Analisa G.


"Digging up section corners with my pink hat, pretty nails, and my fancy new Juno Jones boots! Just another day in the field -- I love them already!"

Kat D.

"Emily - wore mine for the first time today - they are amazingly comfortable and absolutely zero break-in required! Thanks for another great boot."

Jordan B.


"These are the greatest workboots ever!!!... They're actually cute and very comfortable and extremely practical!"

Jessica P.

"Super excited to wear my boss lady boots!"

Jenna C.

"They fit perfectly! Very comfortable and great traction. Today is my second full day of wear and there's been no "new boots discomfort". 10/10 recommend!"

Haley F.


"Rocking my Juno Jones boots today!"

Kalli D.

"Finally a boot that is made for women, designed by a woman and doesn't sacrifice quality or function! The Meti boot in Black is meant for women who are serious about their profession, but are looking and in need of a comfortable boot that will allow you to be on your feet all day long. It provides you with many safety features, like the steel toe, arch support and waterproof components. Juno Jones thought of everything when producing a shoe for women working in a variety of hazardous fields."

 Benita C.

"These shoes are carving out a space for women in construction and other related fields. As an architect leading a full-service firm, with construction management and furniture production arms, the balance of style and durability is essential to me. I believe those two aspects should coexist in all my buildings... so why not my shoes? Beauty is strength; strength is beauty. I'm thrilled that Juno Jones is making steel toe construction boots that are comfortable, durable, and pair well with work and after-work clothes. My favorite feature is the buttery soft yet indestructible leather."

Kathryn K.

"10 years ago I distinctly recall a business conversation about how women wanted fashion steel toes to wear to work. It came with a short conversation that they didn't exist and even that someone should do this and we moved on with our day. Fast forward and yesterday I was able to see in person this amaing company and their amazing founder showcasing her products and accepting an empowering woman of the year award. Thank you to all the amazing women who are shatting the ceiling and making us all better! 


"Absolutely love these boots!! I’m so happy that there’s now a stylish, durable, and comfortable steel toe boot option. The quality is amazing and the raven color is a perfect option if you're looking for versatility in your footwear. In the short amount of time I’ve owned my pair, I trekked through snow, muddy terrain, and even a pile of broken glass and they still look brand-new. I truly believe they can withstand anything! Thank you for such an amazing product, Juno Jones!!"

Meghana J.


"Baby Joshi got to break-in mamma's Juno Jones boots on her first site visit! Thank you Emily for creating the most stylish and comfortable work boots ever! 

Mariela B.


"Emily, I just received my boots!!! They are amazing!!!! Thank you so much for all your help and of thinking about all of us when designing these boots."

Della R.

"I recently received my Juno Jones Steel Toe Meti Boots in the mail and let's just say "⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐". Juno Jones has blended fashion and the importance of steel toe protection for women to protect their feet while working for hazardous jobsites. The Espresso color is gorgeous and the fit feels perfect. I even had a fella tell me "nice boots!". The quality is unmistakable and I am so pleased with the fit and the look of them."

Treva G.

"I'm a Workplace Strategist and Product Specialist for Dancker. In my line of work, I'm on job sites to do field verifications for core drills and furniture placement. The Meti Boot is so comfortable and attractive, and I love the leather! What a great concept, it's such a wonderful idea."

Michele H.

"Wore my Juno Jones shoes to check out a commercial project this morning!!!"

Mel R.

"Finally, a pair of steel toed boots that can do anything!"

Kathi D.

"They look good, they’re comfortable, they come up high on my ankle and give me good support."

Hannah G.

"I absolutely love these boots! They’re the perfect combination of sturdy, rugged, polished, and well made. They provide a great option for staying stylish while on the job site. Highly recommended!!"

Jennifer C.

"The boots are AMAZING! They are so cute and COMFY! I'm definitely wearing these beyond work."

Dianne M.

"I finally got to wear my sweet steel toe Juno Jones boots to a plant site as things open up. So comfortable, safe, and stylish!"

Alexandra C.

"Really happy to be back on a job site, especially for a project that will help and serve so many people! Also obsessed with my new Juno Jones boots!"

RBLA Design

"I will show up on work sites supporting innovative women in my new Steel Toe Meti Boots: designed for women, bu the women at Juno Jones Shoes!"

Vicki M.

"Just wanted you to know that my feet have been comfortable and looking stylish and yet staying safe amongst all the debris from the tornado that hit our Ambler Campus last week."

Beka H.

"When you get your long awaited Juno Jones shoes in the mail and they match your dog. 😏👌"

Angela E.

"Fantastic right out of the box! As a supply chain manager for a utility company I often go from the warehouse to a conference room, and back. These boots are the right tool for the job. I can’t wait to come back for the Medusa!"

Sarah S.

"I received my boots, they fit well, and I’m wearing them to work for the first time today. These boots are absolutely awesome, I have been bugging EVERYONE in my facility about how cute AND comfy they are. But more importantly, thank you so much for your awesome customer service, making my exchange so easy so I could get a product that fit me the right way!! I’m already planning on scooping up a second pair next year when these get worn out, so I hope you are going to be adding more colors yo your low zip line!"

Audrey S.

"My new toolbelt came in the mail to welcome me back, and I was so jazzed that I put it on even though I’m not doing any site visits today. It’s so pretty! Thanks for making such great gear! ❤️ Can’t wait to put it to good use."

Niki S.

"These boots are the bomb.com! Not only are they stylish and comfy but functional as well. I took them through the trifecta test with a brick drop, nail stomp, and water boarding. This boot really does pass all the tests! I want a pair in every color. 😁"

Robyn H.

"WOW - IMPRESSED - LOVING MY NEW JUNO JONES METI BOOTS! My 1st pair of Safety Boots - and hands down 5 STARS !! I ordered the METI BOOT in Medusa (Olive Green) size 7, on 1-30-22 - arrived today 2-2-22 and I am THRILLED with them. Fit is excellent, quality exceptional, the weathered suede is exactly the look I hoped to find, detailing on the boots is extra special - love the orange safety trim on back tab. Extra special treat found, awesome stickers which I will be adding to my Hardhat. Thank YOU for making an excellent product & helping a female who is new in the construction industry feel more confident walking onto a job site. : ) !!"

Rachel L.

"While we’re on the topic of how rarely work equipment is made to fit women… I wore my Juno Jones steel toes all last week at a training class for car bombs. Amazing steel toes that look nice and fit women’s feet.💜💜😍😍 #NotAnAd #JustAGoodProduct"

Meg L.

"Shoutout to my fellow Jersey businesswoman for my stylish and durable boots!"


"I love these boots! These are the best looking work boots I have ever owned. Not only do they look good, they are quite comfortable too. I initially had a difficult time getting them on because I have a very high instep. After a couple of wears they were perfect. I feel fancy when I wear them! Yes, they are a bit expensive, but I'm worth it!"


"Amazing - perfect in every way! So excited about these boots! They are so well made and extremely comfortable. I can't believe they are steel toe work boots-- they look like regular non-work boots! I've had several people ask me where I got them. Love them!"

Helena H.


"Thank you for delivering me my first pair of FASHIONABLE steel-toed boots. I am a geologist and work in the field all the time. My feet will look good and feel good. I no longer will be wearing shoes that are ill fitting men's work boots. Thanks for making a good product and supporting women in the field." 

Cecilia P.

"Great and stylish boots! Was asked where I was able to find such cute boots for work from countless people. Truly recommend!

Shanley C.

This is the most beautiful boot! Strong, comfortable and so good looking. Where have you been all my life?!?

Nenah B.

"Love these boots, they're so stylish! I'm still breaking them in, but so happy they exist! Thanks Juno Jones! Support Women-Owned!"

Anita H.

"The boots fit like a glove on my feet. Comfortable and stylish. Lightweight and flexible. I love them!"

Kathryn H.

"These boots were worth the wait and every penny. I may only be a week in, but there is virtually no break-in period, and I have had so much fun in these. (dinner, laser tag, and jobsite approved!) These boots are so cute and make me happy, so I couldn't resist sharing them with you."

Paige L.

"Just got my boots today! Shipped and received them within a week! Run true to size! Most comfortable and adorable shoes ever!! Will be my every day work shoe and will likely be worn outside of work too because you'd never know they are safety shoes!! Will for sure be getting the other color soon! Highly recommend!!"

Miranda F.

"Best compliment I ever received: "Sweetie, you are going to get those really nice boots dirty if you go out there in the mud." She was so impressed when I told her about my Juno Jones journey! 🥰"


"I love these boots! Lots of foot support, buttery soft leather, ankle coverage without taking a bit out of my shins. The tread works on the slippery sidewalks of Minnesota winter as well as on the dirt and loose rock of our job sites. They look great in the office, and don't get second-guessed in the field. Win-win!"

Julia T.

Automotive Technician

"I’m an automotive technician... I get dirty and messy a lot but working on vehicles is awesomely fun. I want safety for sure but if safety and pretty can go hand in hand then I’m in. Thank you for creating such pretty & durable boots."

Lisa D.


"Finally a safety boot made for women that is fashionable too. Tough enough for the construction site yet able to transition back to the office. Thank you - I like it so much, please make a taller version, too!"

Liz S.

"I am so excited to have good looking, safe, comfortable boots to wear on the job site! Thank you Juno Jones! These boots are amazing quality. Thank you."

Katie M.

"These shoes are incredible! They are comfortable, stylish, and functional. The leather is amazing quality. They aren't heavy or bulky. Buy these for work but I promise you they will be your go-to boot for everything!" 

Susan W.

"Mine arrived today, whaaaaat?! That was fast! They're gorgeous. ❤️"

Jen M.

"Just received my belt. It’s amazing. So beautiful. Thank you so much:):)"

Jen L.

"Merry Christmas to me! 😍"

Kristy C.

"So comfortable and easily can go from the field to the office!"

Darla W.

"I love my Juno Jones Meti safety boots! If you have a woman in your life who loves to get her hands dirty, but needs to keep her feet protected and still stylish, the boots are an amazing idea! Emily's mission is so rad! And I absolute love wearing my Meti steel toe boots out in the shop!"

Darla W.

"Emily's mission is so rad! And I absolutely love wearing my Meti steel toe boots out in the shop!"

Deb L.

"As a driver, I wear these boots and they are amazing!"

Emma L.

"The most stylish steel toed boots from my fellow construction site visitor. Makes for the only appropriate site visit footwear."  

Erica M.

"I received my boots literally the day after ordering them! Thank you for making steelies that are both comfortable and stylish at the same time, perfect for my new role as Project Manager and a nice congrats gift to myself!"

Robyn H.

"These are AWESOME boots! I 💞 mine. Comfortable / stylish / warm. You receive an excellent surprise in the box which made my purchase even more special. 🎉 Treat yourself, you deserve it!

Rachel L.

"It’s a super common problem in work equipment. Let’s not even talk about my struggle to find steel toe boots about ten years ago. Now finally (FINALLY) there are companies like Juno Jones making them for women."

Laurenan C.

"Super rare for any work boot to feel good out of the box. I 1/2 sized up so I could fit thick socks, but I worked in them all day yesterday and no blisters. Also I immediately (accidentally) dropped an extremely sharp knife tip down on them and yep, steel toes work."

Paige L.

"The best boots ever!! A 2nd pair is on my wish list!!" 

Angela A.

"FYI... Best boots you ever owned! #tryitforyourself #work #fashion #bam"