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Trade School Is the Ideal Launching Point for Your Business: Here’s Why

Whether you’re graduating from high school or figuring out your next steps as an adult, the choices in front of you can seem overwhelming. There are so many options out there, but most people think the best way to get started on a fulfilling career is enrolling in a traditional two- or four-year college. But there is another option: Trade school is America’s best-kept secret, with over 16 million adults registering nationwide to learn a specialty skill.

Trade school is critical if you’re a go-getter wanting to start your business or just excited to get out there and begin working. Every individual can leverage trade school - no matter your goals. Juno Jones Shoes walks you through it.

Start Whenever

Trade schools are flexible to your schedule. With multiple start dates throughout the year and rolling admissions, you can start whenever you want. Do a three-month course or even shorter - it all depends on how much time you have to spare! New business owners can benefit from this to merge their business operations with their educational learnings.

Stay Current

The flexibility of trade school allows learners to stay current and up to date with the industry standard. This will enable you to get an up-to-date degree that allows learners to be job-ready from day one. Business owners can use their degree as a starting point to get right into the nitty-gritty of the business. According to the Harvard School of Business, your skills will set your business up for success down the line and improve your marketability to future employers as well.

Empower Your Business

With the right skills to back you up, business ownership becomes that much easier. The typical trajectory for an entrepreneur is to come up with a business plan and implementation strategy. Some choose to go to trade school during the starting stages of their business, while others prefer to get school done with and then begin their company.

After you have the relevant skills to propel you forward, you’ll need to consider your business structure. In this stage, register a business name as a DBA (‘doing business as’) - an excellent option because it helps entrepreneurs branch out into different services if they decide to switch paths and sell products under another name. For example, if you’re unable to find the right domain for your business, you’ll be able to market your services using a different name. After you’re set up, apply your newfound trade skills to grow your business. And remember - you can always go back to school to supplement your learning and take it a step further.

Learning Style

One of the most fulfilling aspects of a trade school education is that you’ll be surrounded by like-minded peers - similarly entrepreneurial individuals who are go-getters. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, it is essential to find peers interested in the same career path as you so you’ll be able to use their knowledge and skills to network and grow your business. The small class size allows you to get personalized learning with individualized attention from instructors. If you’re facing any problems with your business or need some concepts clarified, your professor will be there to provide support and help you apply your learnings more easily.

Going to university isn’t the right choice for every kind of learner. Trade school costs less - and the concrete life skills you pick up will ensure stability, high salary potential, and, don’t forget, personal fulfillment! The value of learning a trade never goes out of style - so make use of this evergreen education option today.

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