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Our Commitment to Sustainable Materials

Juno Jones is committed to empowering women with badass boots, and to doing it sustainably! All of our leather is an existing byproduct of other industries, and sourced from the most sustainable tannery in Mexico, and arguably the world.
Repurposing waste - Tanning Methods

Tanning methods

Chrome tanning is used in 99% of the world's leather due to creating a supple, strong and colorful result. Unfortunately, it can be very bad for the environment when done by cheaper tanneries that make some of the less expensive leather goods you see on the market. Our tannery uses Chromium III, which is a safe and sustainable tanning chemical. They do not use any Chromium 6, which is often used by inferior facilities, and have intricate procedures in place to make sure harmful chemicals are never released into the environment.


Water treatment - Leather Working Group

Water treatment

Unlike most tanneries, our tannery fully treats all water before returning it to the environment. It does this using its own water treatment plant.

Water usage

Our tannery uses a proprietary system for reducing water usage by 40-50%. Small pellets are placed into the tanning drums, which more effectively work the chemicals into the leather. No other tannery in the world employs this method, which is one reason why our tannery is the most sustainable in Mexico and arguably the world.


Repurposing waste - Leather Working Group


Repurposing waste

While most tanneries simply throw the excess materials from leather making into the trash, our tannery repurposes these waste byproducts and turns them into collagen. Collagen is used in beauty products to help strengthen hair, nails, and skin.


Solar power - Leather Working Group


Solar power

We recognize that leather production requires a lot of energy. Our tannery has over 800 solar panels, accounting for 30-40% of their energy consumption.

Our leather provider is hailed as the most sustainable tannery in Mexico, with good reason, and we wouldn't want it any other way. Thanks for taking the time to read about these processes, which are so important to Juno Jones, and thank you to our amazing partners.


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