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Boots on a Mission

Boots on a Mission

Naming Juno Jones

You're probably wondering where the name Juno Jones came from! When I envisioned what I wanted to create with my company it was not just footwear but a lifestyle of strength and independence. I wanted the brand to represent empowerment, exploration, and fearlessness. In my mind, a character came to life. She was brave, determined, strong, and always in search of adventure. I knew the real-life women who wore my footwear would be a lot like her- trailblazers in their work and in the way they unapologetically lived their lives-- and Juno Jones was born.

The Juno Jones Mission: Creating Space for Women

Between working as a lawyer and owning a company in the transportation industry, I have experienced my share of not-great treatment. I don't think I was even fully aware that some of these things were discrimination until the #metoo movement brought these issues to the forefront. Being overlooked for assignments, not being heard in meetings, mistaken for the assistant, not invited to the all-boys lunches, propositioned... yes, I’ve been there. But there has been one continuous lifeline running through my career, and that is the help and support I’ve received from other women. It has been truly uplifting. When I first learned as a child that things weren’t always fair for girls, I was furious, and that fury never really left me. But the love I’ve received along the way from women and male allies has lifted me up, and through Juno Jones and our community Hazard Girls, we hope to do the same for as many women as we can.

By creating footwear especially for women in hazardous fields, it is the goal of Juno Jones to help normalize the idea of women in male-dominated spaces. And with our Hazard Girls community, we are creating a space for women to find each other and work on this together.



Join Us on Our Journey!

The most rewarding part of creating Juno Jones and Hazard Girls has been talking to all of you at various stages of the process, seeing you on Instagram, meeting up with you at your universities, and getting to know you. On a daily basis, I’m so inspired by all of the incredible things you are doing to create, to advance humanity, or even just to make the world a better place in your own particular corner of things. Thank you so much for your support, and please connect with us by signing up for our newsletter below. When you sign up for the newsletter you'll also receive an invite to join Hazard Girls.

At Juno Jones and Hazard Girls, we are collaborating with organizations on projects to empower women and to educate and support girls interested in non-traditional fields. If you or your organization would like to connect or partner please let me know- you can always email me at emily@junojonesshoes.com.